bedroom paint color ideas

Bedroom paint color ideas can be simple, or complex depending on the overall style of your bedroom. Here are some common themes for different color schemes and window treatments.

One of the best choices for bedroom paint ideas are earthy colors. Oceans and seas are ideal for a girl's room, as are hues like gold and silver. For an out-of-the-ordinary bedroom that blends in with the rest of the house, try a gold-toned palette or bright yellows. If you want to pull out the bold color scheme of a high-fashion contemporary bedroom, the perfect choice would be maroon or salmon.

Deep blue tones are also great bedroom paint ideas. Neutral tones such as beige, gray, and black are also good choices. For bolder colors, use plum, tangerine, magenta, or eggplant as a base and work it up with lavender or brown. In order to really jazz up a boring bedroom, get the paint job done in a design-rich color, such as the deep burgundy of wine and gold.

If you have a lot of natural light coming into your bedroom, dark colors are a good option for bedroom paint ideas. You can play around with other shades like sky blue, purple, and lavender. Pale turquoise and rust are also excellent options for darker colors that lend a touch of modernity to a bedroom.

There are a lot of things that make neutral paint colors so versatile. For instance, they blend with almost any room decor, even if it's not very intricate. If you're going for a classically styled room, you can go with earthy colors, but the floor, wall, and window treatments can easily be worked with to create a more fashionable effect.

For bedroom paint ideas, any color can work. Even though you might not use a lot of wall space, you can still brighten up your bedroom with accents that match the colors in your room. These might include cheery flowers, a matching table lamp, or an Ottoman for your bed.

Wall and window treatments will be the first thing you see when you come into your bedroom. Be sure to choose something that complements the color scheme you have chosen. For instance, if you've chosen earthy tones, choose a pop of color in your bedroom using colors such as white, black, and red.

And when it comes to window treatments, they're all important, too. Choose paint colors that coordinate with the window treatments you already have, or, if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, pick colors that will fit with your current interior decor. Once you're done painting your bedroom, the only thing left to do is relax and enjoy your newly painted bedroom!

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