navy blue bedroom ideas

Blue is one of the most beautiful colors you can add to any room and there are a lot of great looking blue bedroom ideas that you can use to enhance your current decor. There are a lot of bedroom accessories available which can be used to customize a blue theme into your bedroom to create a truly special space.

Using unique bedroom accessories will give you an extra touch to your room. You can find wall art, crown molding, and floor rugs all which are blue in color. Add pillows, bedding sets, and throws to further complement your bedroom.

The next thing you want to do is really focus on the lighting in your room and navy blue bedroom ideas for lighting can help you make sure that everything in your room is highlighted. It's a good idea to use a shade of blue that doesn't have much contrast between light and dark so that everything looks balanced. Lightening the area with an overhead lamp is a great way to add a little bit of balance to the room and also allow you to add more drama to the room by creating smaller areas where you can add more accent lighting.

You should also consider the furniture in your room. You can add a bed to really set off your blue theme into your bedroom. Some of the standard bedroom ideas for blue include using an empire style bed which will give a very formal look to your room. If you really want a romantic look for your room then you may want to choose a bed which is in a velvet or satin fabric that really gives it a rich and luxurious look.

Adding a pedestal sink to your bath is a great idea to pair with a blue themed bathroom and you can also find custom made basin and faucet sets in a navy blue. The edge of the bathtub and the walls of the shower area can be blue as well, to really complete the look. Adding mirror frames which area shade of blue can really make a bold statement in your bathroom. Mirrors in navy blue are also very common and you can find them in various sizes, shapes, and styles.

You can also try using mirrors on the wall to add a focal point to the room and add dimension to the room. A mirrored window is a great way to add some drama to your room as well. Try using a lighting scheme that really pulls the room together in order to create the right look for your space.

The ceiling in your room is another great way to add drama to your room and blue in color is always a great choice. Try using a blue valance to tie in the colors of your walls and ceiling. When it comes to choosing a shower curtain, you can find curtains in a variety of shades of blue such as blue-violet, pale blue, or even white.

Navy blue bedroom ideas can be a great way to transform your room into a new and different look. By putting some attention to the room accessories, lighting, and the mood of the room, you can really create a place that you can call your own.

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